China Emergency Light Introduces The Power Supply For Emergency Lighting
1. As the power source for emergency lighting, there are mainly the following categories: China Emergency Light Description:

(1) A line from the power grid separate from the normal power source;

(2) Emergency generator set;

(3), battery packs include three types of battery packs that are centrally set, partitioned, and included in emergency lights;

(4) At the same time, there are two or three combinations of the above three types of power sources.

China Emergency Light analyze the working characteristics of several emergency lighting power sources, so that when designing emergency lighting, the emergency lighting power supply can be correctly selected to smoothly supply power for emergency lighting.

2. Characteristics and applications of backup power from the power grid

This form of application is common, fast, reliable, and long lasting. In large and medium-sized cities, large and medium-sized factories, etc., it is often easier to obtain such power. Generally speaking, in public buildings and factories, due to production and work needs, when there is a grid backup emergency power supply, it is first used as an emergency lighting power source. Conversely, it is not economical and reasonable to set up for emergency lighting. Therefore, when designing, the power supply and emergency power supply of power equipment and emergency lighting should be arranged in a unified manner in order to be economical and reasonable. For the standby lighting that continues to maintain production, the standby lighting of the fire pump room should be the same as the production power equipment and fire pump, which is generally taken from the power grid.

3. Characteristics and application of emergency generator sets

After the power supply is interrupted, it takes a long time for the emergency generator set to be put into operation. Units that are often in reserve state need about 15 seconds to start from power failure, so they can only be used as emergency power sources for evacuation and backup lighting. It cannot be used alone for security lighting. Generator sets designed for emergency lighting are usually uneconomical and unreasonable. In high-rise buildings, it is often set up for fire protection requirements. For example, in Hong Kong, public buildings with more than 8 floors should be equipped with generator sets for emergency power supply; in some industrial production plants, communication and traffic orders are often associated with production and operation of power facilities. Need to think together.

4, battery pack characteristics and applications

The battery has high reliability and rapid conversion, and can adapt to various types of emergency lighting. The disadvantages are small capacity, short duration, frequent maintenance checks, important public buildings, important underground buildings, and sometimes other emergency power supplies; in small public buildings, such as small hotels, when it is difficult to obtain backup power from the grid. It is more cost-effective to use batteries.

The uninterruptible power supply unit (UPS) is a centralized or centralized battery power supply mode. Its performance indicators are high, but the price is also high. Generally, emergency lighting should not be used. However, when there is a UPS in a building such as a computer station, and the capacity can meet the requirements, it is suitable to use the UPS to supply emergency lighting in the site. When the central power distribution station is equipped with a battery DC screen, it can be used to supply standby lighting in the premises.

5, the application of combined power supply

At the same time, there are two or three emergency power sources. Of course, the reliability is higher, but the investment is larger. Generally, it is only used in important public buildings and high-rise buildings. Generally speaking, the setting of several power sources is determined according to the requirements of the building’s production and fire power facilities, and is not set too much for emergency lighting.