Hot Inflatable Football Soccer Dart Board

Size/Color: Default as picture, 18ft Dia,
Customized, OEM: Yes
Material: 0.55-0.6mm pvc tarpaulin from plato
Delivery date: 7-18days
Shipping way: By Sea / Air / Express

Categories: Customized Inflatable Dart Board, Foot Darts, Inflatable Dartboard

Product Description

An soccer dart board consists of several rings each ring has a set number of points. The player’s objective is to aim for the highest point awarding ring. If you plan on taking up darts on a competitive level you may want to purchase a resilient board from your local sports store. Plastic inflatable dart boards are ideal for prolonged use.


The inflatable dart board split into 20 separate segments that are allocated to a specific number. Hitting any of the bigger section of these areas (customarily shaded dark and yellow), scores correctly the focuses esteem for that segment.

Hitting the thin external parts of these segments (shaded red or green) scores two fold the point’s worth for that segment.