How To Check The Quality Of The Door Panel Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets?
There are many types of cabinet door panels on the market, such as fireproof panels, EGGER panels, baking varnishes, etc., and different inspection standards for different decorative panels, carefully check the material of the door panels to ensure the quality of the overall cabinet selection.

Let’s talk about how to check the quality of the door panel of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets .

1. Whether the edge-sealing interface is firm: If the edge-sealing interface is “dog-tooth”, the lifting and unevenness are not clear.
2. The whole is flat and shiny enough: if there is no decorative edge, if the surface is uneven, dull and the color is different, the door quality is poor.
3. Check the quality of the substrate: the door panel substrate is hinged through the door panel. Like the cabinet surface, the MDF is the worst quality. Others are ok.

Through a simple inspection, we learned that a good cabinet door panel is sturdy and durable, smooth and smooth, and the hinge of the fitting is also a detail to be noted.

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