How To Properly Maintain Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet

A combination of Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet can not only enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom, but also realize the practical storage of the bathroom. Looking at the clean bathroom space, people’s moods are also clear, but the bathroom cabinets also have “temper”, if not attached Clean maintenance will be “old age fade”, even the quality and use of the function will be greatly reduced, want to make the bathroom cabinet everlasting? Let’s learn from Xiaobian, how to carry out all-round maintenance of stainless steel bathroom cabinets~

1. Cleaning and maintenance of the mirror:

1 If the mirror surface is stained or not bright, spray it on the mirror with a glass cleaner and wipe it with a newspaper;

2 Do not touch the mirror with a wet hand, or wipe the mirror with a damp cloth to avoid increasing moisture penetration;

3 Use a soft cloth or feather to remove the dust on the surface of the frame, then wipe the surface of the frame with a clean soft cloth and gently wipe it; do not use any glass cleaner or other solvent to touch the frame;

4 Put some kerosene or wax on a soft cloth and wipe the mirror and frame to make it clear and bright.

5 If you want to prevent fog, you can apply soap to the mirror before bathing, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. A layer of soap film is formed on the mirror surface to prevent the mirror surface from being blurred. Or apply a proper amount of dry cloth to the mirror surface. The use of astringent lotion or detergent can effectively prevent water vapor from condensing on the mirror surface and can provide a good anti-fog effect.

2. Cleaning and maintenance of the cabinet:

1 general stains, you can use “Bi Lizhu” spray, gently spray, and dry with a dry towel, do not use high concentration or corrosive solvent scrub;

2 When cleaning the appearance of stainless steel, care must be taken not to cause surface scratching, and the cabinet should be cleaned without using steel balls and rough brushes;

3 Always use a soft cloth to remove the dust from the bathroom cabinet. Before dusting, apply a spray or soapy water to the soft cloth. Do not use a dry cloth directly.

4 cabinets will be placed with some soap, facial cleanser and other cleaning products, and the cleaning agent that accidentally flows out is best cleared immediately.

5 bathroom cabinets should not be washed with water, usually gently wipe with a slightly damp cloth to avoid corrosion caused by accumulated water.

3. Cleaning and maintenance of countertops and washbasins:

The general dirt on the 1st surface can be wiped with a neutral detergent or soapy water and dried with a dry towel;

2 Stubborn oil stains or tea watermarks on the 2 countertops should be polished with 1200# water sandpaper, polished with a polishing machine, and then wiped clean with a scouring pad;

If there are burns, scratches and knife marks on the 3 countertops, first use 400# or 600# water sandpaper to polish, smooth and polish with a polishing machine, then wipe with a scouring pad;

4 ceramic basin for long-term use, easy to accumulate dirt, you can use the sliced ​​lemon, scrub the surface of the basin, after a minute, then rinse with water, you can become bright;

5 If the stains on the basin are relatively stubborn, use safe bleach, pour into the basin for 20 minutes, then wash with a towel or sponge, then rinse with water.

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