HP DA0R12MB6E0 Motherboard, Replacement for HP DA0R12MB6E0 Laptop Motherboard

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Product Brand: For hp Laptop Motherboard
P/N Number: DA0R12MB6E0
Motherboard brand: HP COMPAQ
Fetures: Part Number:636370-001
Capacity : Manufacturer:HP COMPAQ
Color : Grey Green
Shipping :Ship to all over the world!
Net Weight : 926.13g
Other Feture : Tested Working Fine

high-quality replacement laptop Motherboard for HP DA0R12MB6E0 that’s designed to meet manufacturer specs. Tested to ensure 100 percent compatibility.replacement Motherboards come with a full 3 months warranty and offer the highest quality and performance available.

1. please make sure you can installed HP Laptop Motherboard yourself.
2. pleae make sure all your laptop other parts are working fine,all our motherboards are tested woring fine by our engineer before delivery.

HP DA0R12MB6E0 Laptop Motherboard,100% Manufacture Compatible!
High-quality li-lon cells, safe and convenient
Over charge and discharge, detection protection
Aging-Test for every Motherboard for dell laptop before packing
No memory effect, 500-800 times for charging and discharging

Our Advantages:
1.Our firm have a good channel for procurement.all the cells purchase from Japanese SANYO,SONY and Korea SAMSUNG’A-certificate OEM.
2.Our every PCB must pass strictly test, until them reach to 100% compliant.
3.Using advanced cell technology and quality parts, the HP DA0R12MB6E0 Motherboard guarantees the stamina you need for long work sessions and travel.
4.We have got CE , ROHS ,FCC,UL certificates.
Replace Part Number:
HP DA0R12MB6E0 ,HP 636370-001 ,
Fits Model:
HP PAVILION G4-1110BR LS007LA ,HP PAVILION G7-1085NR LV865UA ,HP G4-1021TU LQ424PA ,HP G4-1044TU LQ901PA ,HP PAVILION G4-1066LA LR597LA ,HP G4-1015TU LN421PA ,HP G4-1008TU LN401PA ,HP PAVILION G7-1077NR LF166UA ,HP PAVILION G4-1080LA LR973LA ,HP PAVILION G7-1084NR LR657UA ,HP PAVILION G7-1076NR LF165UA ,HP G4-1034TU LQ872PA ,HP G4-1038TU LQ877PA ,HP G4-1020TU LQ423PA ,HP PAVILION G7-1083NR LR656UA ,HP PAVILION G7-1033CL LF161UA ,HP PAVILION G7-1019WM LF158UA ,HP G4-1040TU LQ881PA ,HP PAVILION G7-1078NR LF167UA ,HP G4-1042TU LQ885PA ,HP G4-1031TU LQ869PA ,HP G4-1005TU LN342PA ,HP G4-1039TU LQ880PA ,HP PAVILION G7-1073NR LF162UA ,HP Pavilion G4 series 636370001 ,HP G4-1037TU LQ876PA ,HP PAVILION G7-1075NR LF164UA ,HP PAVILION G7-1081NR LR654UA ,HP PAVILIONG7-1153NR LW325UA ,HP PAVILION G4-1060LA LR595LA ,HP PAVILION G7-1070US LF156UA ,HP G4-1014TU LN420PA ,HP G4-1035TU LQ874PA ,HP G4-1030TU LQ868PA ,HP PAVILION G7-1086NR LV866UA ,HP G4-1033TU LQ871PA ,HP G4-1046TU LR754PA ,HP PAVILION G4-1062LA LN273LA ,HP G4-1045TU LR743PA ,HP G4-1036TU LQ875PA ,HP Pavilion G7-1000 series 636370001 ,HP PAVILION G4-1010US LF627UA ,HP G4-1054TU LV771PA ,HP G4-1043TU LQ886PA ,HP PAVILION G4-1190BR B5P68LA ,HP G4-1019TU LQ422PA ,HP G4-1041TU LQ884PA ,HP G4-1007TU LN400PA ,HP Pavilion G7 series 636370001 ,HP PAVILION G4-1020US LF629UA ,HP PAVILION G4-1180BR B5P67LA ,HP G4-1032TU LQ870PA ,