, hp HP 518432-001 motherboard Replacement Replacement for HP 518432-001 Laptop Motherboard
HP 518432-001 motherboard

CertificationSKU :518432-001ShippingArea:We ship all over the world!Shipping Just $15P/N :Part Number:518432-001Location :Category:HP COMPAQ Laptop MotherboardFetures : Specifications:intel CPU,For model with ATI Mobility Radeon HD4550 graphics,1GB Original Brand:Manufacturer:HP COMPAQCondition :Condition:Refurbished,Tested and Guaranteed toNet Weight :710.52gContact: Contact Us
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HP 518432-001 Laptop motherboard Details:Replacement HP 518432-001 motherboard (high quality) is specially designed for the original HP 518432-001 laptop motherboard. This 518432-001 motherboard fits HP 518432-001, HP Pavilion dv6-1054cl . All the 518432-001 Motherboards are 30 days warranty and money back in 30 days!
— Brand New, 30 days Warranty, 30 Days Money Back if any defective, damaged or misrepresented items.
— Name brand new motherboard, Long life cycle, Grade A quality.
— High capability and low inter resistance
— Double IC PCB protector, over 500 full discharge/charge times.
— Internal circuit board with chips that allow it to communicate with the notebook to monitor motherboard performance, output voltage and temperature.
— Gives the notebook much more accurate ” fuel gauge ” capability to determine how much motherboard runtime is left before the next recharge is required.
This HP 518432-001 motherboard also Compatible Part Nos:(Not all compatible models are listed,Please use “Ctrl+F” to search)HP 518432-001This HP 518432-001 motherboard also Fits Machine Models:(Not all compatible models are listed,Please use “Ctrl+F” to search)HP Pavilion dv6-1210txHP Pavilion dv6-1237txHP Pavilion dv6-1238txHP Pavilion dv6-1257txHP Pavilion dv6-1242txHP Pavilion dv6-1120eqHP Pavilion dv6-1218caHP Pavilion dv6-1130esHP Pavilion dv6-1054clHP Pavilion dv6-1153txHP Pavilion dv6-1140ewHP Pavilion dv6-1266txHP Pavilion dv6-1250txHP Pavilion dv6-1240txHP Pavilion dv6-1238caHP Pavilion dv6-1161txHP Pavilion dv6-1243txHP Pavilion dv6-1252txHP Pavilion dv6-1241txHP Pavilion dv6-1127txHP Pavilion dv6-1144txHP Pavilion dv6-1135axHP Pavilion dv6-1253caHP Pavilion dv6-1129txHP Pavilion dv6-1134axHP Pavilion dv6-1230txHP Pavilion dv6-1120ewHP Pavilion dv6-1160txHP Pavilion dv6-1115txHP Pavilion dv6-1140esHP Pavilion dv6-1202txHP Pavilion dv6-1233txHP Pavilion dv6-1140txHP Pavilion dv6-1170edHP Pavilion dv6-1258txHP Pavilion dv6-1157txHP Pavilion dv6-1116txHP Pavilion dv6-1120eoHP Pavilion dv6-1159txHP Pavilion dv6-1113txHP Pavilion dv6-1151txHP Pavilion dv6-1146txHP Pavilion dv6-1226txHP Pavilion dv6-1147txHP Pavilion dv6-1160epHP Pavilion dv6-1133txHP Pavilion dv6-1180edHP Pavilion dv6-1152txHP Pavilion dv6-1139txHP Pavilion dv6-1239txHP Pavilion dv6-1114txHP Pavilion dv6-1221txHP Pavilion dv6-1156txHP Pavilion dv6-1190eoHP Pavilion dv6-1227txHP Pavilion dv6-1138txHP Pavilion dv6-1145txHP Pavilion dv6-1137txHP Pavilion dv6-1128txHP Pavilion dv6-1102xxHP Pavilion dv6-1246tx