In Wing Chung, the most popular type of dummy is this- the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy. There is one legend that says that the 108 dummies from Shaolin Temple were assembled into one by Ng Mui in order to make training more effective. The latest wooden dummies in the Hong Kong are mounted on the wall. They use two wooden slats throughout the body of the dummy. However, traditional dummies were actually placed in the ground, unlike these modern dummies. But, those modern dummies are made to be suitable for living room, so you can practice wherever you want to. So what is it that make Wing Chun wooden dummy different than the other? Well, wing chun wooden dummy has one leg and three arms. It’s like that because it needs to represent various positions and lines of force of opponent’s body. Because it way of mounting, these modern dummies are called “alive” dummies, and those traditional dummies we’ve talked about later are considered “dead” dummies.If you have a need to can contact me: