Linsheng , Analysis Of Overheating Failure Of Air Compressor
In the daily operation of the air compressor, the air compressor overheating failure occurs due to the long-time overload operation of the air compressor. linsheng provides you with the analysis and troubleshooting of the air compressor overheat fault.

  Air compressor overheating failure phenomenon:

  1. The air compressor exhaust temperature is too high.

  2. The running part is hot.

  Air compressor overheating failure reason:

  1. The loose pressure valve or the unloading valve does not work, resulting in overheating failure of the air compressor.

  2. The leakage of the air brake system seriously causes the air compressor to overheat.

  3. Insufficient oil supply and cylinder pull at the operating part.

  Air compressor overheat fault diagnosis and troubleshooting method:

  1. Check the loose pressure valve assembly when the air intake is unloaded, and remove or replace the defective parts with the stuck. When the exhaust gas is unloaded, check whether the unloading valve is blocked or stuck. It is necessary to clean or repair the defective parts, and effectively eliminate the overheating fault of the air compressor;

  2. Check brake system parts and piping;

  3. Poor lubrication between the piston and the cylinder liner, too small clearance or pulling the cylinder can cause overheating. In this case, the failed parts should be inspected, repaired or replaced.