Linsheng – Car Ignition System Components: Use Attention!
The spark plug is a major component in the ignition system of a car engine. There are spark plugs on the gasoline engine, one cylinder, and the individual high-speed gasoline engines are equipped with two spark plugs per cylinder.

  linsheng said: Its role is to introduce the high-voltage electricity generated by the ignition coil into the engine cylinder of the car, creating a spark between the gaps of the spark plug electrode to ignite the mixture. Simply put, it is to ignite the mixture, similar to the role of a lighter.

  Spark plugs are the key to automotive ignition systems, and ignition systems are a key point in engine operation. Therefore, the performance of the spark plug is related to the performance and efficiency of the vehicle, which can directly affect the smooth operation and fuel consumption of the car. Moreover, the spark plug is a consumable part.

  linsheng will describe the use and maintenance of spark plugs for automotive ignition system components from four aspects for your reference:

  First, how to determine that the spark plug has to be replaced

  During the driving process, if the owner finds that the car is difficult to start in the cool state, there is obvious frustration when driving, idling jitter, or when the engine acceleration performance is degraded, once the above performances occur, it may be due to spark plug aging. It is.

  If conditions permit, the owner can take it down and check to see if the color of the burn, the gap between the electrodes, the gap between the porcelain and the metal casing is leaking, etc.

  Second, change the spark plug in time according to the type

  There are many types of spark plugs, but they all have their own economic life. If they are used beyond the economic life, they will not be good for the engine’s power and economy.

  Currently used spark plugs are divided into resistance spark plugs, platinum spark plugs and sheet metal spark plugs.

  In general, the life of a resistive spark plug is 20,000 km, the life of a spark plug is 40,000 km, and the life of a sheet metal spark plug can reach 60 to 80,000 km. Therefore, the original low-end car original spark plug is a resistance spark plug, while the original spark plugs of luxury cars and mid- to high-end models are mostly sheet metal spark plugs.

  In addition, the selection of spark plugs for new or overhaul engines and old engines may vary depending on the actual situation. For example, when the engine is newer, the spark plug should be hot type; the old engine used by the timemaster is degraded due to the performance degradation, the spark plug is prone to excessive carbon deposit and oil stain, and the spark plug should be medium or cold to improve the spark plug. Ability to resist oil.

  Third, spark plug maintenance precautions

  During the use of the spark plug, the electrode and the skirt insulator will have normal carbon deposits. If these deposits are not cleaned for a long time, they will accumulate more and more, eventually causing the electrode to leak or even fail to jump. Therefore, the carbon should be removed regularly, and do not wait until the spark plug is not working.

  Four spark plug cleaning and installation requires a certain skill.

  When cleaning the appearance, do not use sandpaper, metal sheets, etc., but immerse the spark plug in the gasoline and remove it with a brush to ensure that the ceramic body of the spark plug is not damaged.

  When installing the spark plug, it must meet the specified torque. It should not be too tight, so it should not be too loose. If the force is too large, the spark plug core will be damaged or the screw will be buckled. The expansion slot will break and the spark plug will be scrapped. If it is too loose, the engine will not work properly.