Sandblasters used in dental laboratories are enclosed and often operate through a vacuum or via air compressor, with integrated gloves for hand protection and containment of the blast media.
dental lab sandblaster are used to increase bond strength by divesting the casting investment and increasing effective surface area as well as polishing the surface of restorations.
Sandblasting media can be Aluminum Oxide, glass beads or Silicone Carbide grit. Be sure to choose a dental laboratory sandblaster that employs proper dust retraction. Some sandblasters can also be used intraorally in a dental operatory. This is referred to as air abrasion, and a sandblaster can be used instead of a handpiece for various procedures. Intraoral dental sandblasters have a variety of angled tips allowing the technician to reach any part of the mouth. These tips should be autoclavable. Be sure that if a product is used intraorally, that it is FDA approved.