The Location Of The Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Is Quite Important

The Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink is responsible for the cleaning of the kitchen. Its position is very important. The reasonable layout is that the sink should be kept at a distance of at least 40cm from the wall surface. There is a place to put tableware, kitchen utensils and the like that need to be brushed. Otherwise, the small corner position can not put the tableware and kitchen utensils to be washed, so that the washed dirty water and oil will be sprayed on the wall tiles.

This small link should be taken seriously. However, in the actual renovation, many construction workers are generally difficult to be responsible for cutting the sink. The main problems are as follows:

1. Some construction workers use the tools to measure the size for the convenience of the map. Just look at it and arbitrarily cut the table top directly above the downpipe, then “sit” into the sink.

2. Some irresponsible construction workers will cut the wall next to the wall, and as a result, the sink will be close to the wall, which is not good for the owner.

3. When installing the sewer pipe below the sink, because it is a concealed place, the owner will generally not accept it. Some construction personnel do not use glass glue to seal the cost in order to save costs, resulting in odor or water leakage in the sewer.

4. The sink should not be placed too close to the corner. Generally, the smallest desk space on the side of the kitchen sink is 40cm wide, and the smallest desk space on the other side is 60cm wide.

5. The position of the artificial stone countertop opening is best drawn by the owner, especially the under counter basin. Otherwise, if the countertop is narrow and the basin is large, some construction workers will say that it cannot be installed.

3. About the installation of the sink involves the problem of launching water. When installing the cabinet, the installation of the water will be done by means of on-site opening, and the hole will be punched in the cabinet according to the size of the pipe with a professional puncher. It should be noted that after punching, the owner must remind the worker to seal the opening part with a sealing strip to prevent water from swelling and deformation of the edge of the wood and affect the service life of the cabinet.

4. Plastic closures. The connection between the hose and the basin, the hose and the sewer should be sealed with a sealing strip or glass glue to prevent the hose from leaking or smelling in the sewer.

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