Vickers Vane Pump – Will You Use A Vane Pump?
The Vickers Vane Pump describes the flow of the vane pump to cause improper machine failure.

  (1) Steering

  The standard vane pump should be rotated clockwise as viewed from its axial end, otherwise it is considered a reverse pump. The forward pump does not oil when it rotates counterclockwise.

  (2) start

  When the gear pump is first started, the trapped air is removed from the system. Generally, the outlet of the pump can be released from the outlet of the pump, or by using a bleed valve. For small-flow vane pumps with poor self-priming, the pump should be filled with oil through the drain pipe or the inlet pipe before starting the pump. Quickly opening and stopping the hydraulic pump in a short time can also make the pump charge and exhaust quickly. When starting, the relief valve should be fully open, that is, the system starts under no pressure and check the motor rotation.

  (3) Filtration requirements

  In order to ensure the reliability of the hydraulic equipment, the oil should be filtered to make the oil cleanliness conform to the ISO 14406 standard 19/15 or the clean 16/13 level. The suction line is recommended to use 150 mesh, oil suction filter, back The oil line uses a 25 ^’ 10um filter.

  (4) Hydraulic oil

  Generally, the vane pump adopts anti-wear hydraulic oil with a viscosity of 25—68cSt (1cSt=30-“mz/s). The difference between the pump body and the oil temperature is controlled within 20 °C, and the oil temperature should not be higher than 60 C. Hydraulic oils have different working oil temperatures.

  (5) Speed ​​of the gear pump

  Refer to the specification of the gear pump instruction manual. The general vane pump has a speed range of 600-r 18 UOr/min.

  (6) Use pressure

  With the different types of hydraulic oil, the maximum use pressure is also different, generally reduced in the order of “Hangma hydraulic oil – mineral oil monophosphate aldehyde glycol one pumping water”

  For the anti-wear hydraulic oil and water-diethyl diol, the pump inlet pressure must not exceed 0. 2bar (2 X 10’Pa). Synthetic hydraulic water-in-oil emulsion, pump inlet pressure shall not exceed 0.1 bar (10″Pa).

  The maximum use pressure must be controlled within 10% of the total operating time, ie within 65 minutes per minute.