What is Inversion Therapy?

Inverted therapy can be described as a means of implementing the process of inversion, which involves being in an upside-down position, hanging by your legs, ankles and feet. This position is medically proven to have therapeutic benefits and even aids in fixing your back and relieving pain.

The process thus involves spinal decompression and can be categorized as a form of spinal traction.

The therapy includes gravity boots that must be worn, which is specifically designed to support your ankles and can even be added to your workouts to make it even more challenging for you during a session.

Think of workout positions such as squats, lunges and V-sit ups. The added weight and force that will allow your spine to be stabilized, as well as work your core, will add a greater intensity that will definitely burn up a bigger sweat. Although workout accessories that add weight such as dumbbells, medicine balls and ankle weights can add weight to intensify your workout, adding gravity boots will force you to stay mindful of your control over your core, as well as protecting your lower back.Adding gravity boots to your workouts can thus aid in protecting your spine and stabilize it when needed, which is often lacked during workouts and can result in injuries.

Are Inversion Tables Helpful for Stretching Your Body and Relieving Pain?

A question that is often asked and sometimes not answered to its full extent. The answer concludes to a positive one as an inversion table will be helpful for stretching and caring for your neck, lower back, mid-back, overall spinal cord and relieve any pain around your joints.

Inversion therapy is commonly used in physiotherapy clinics as a pain relief option for people experiencing any discomfort or stiffness in their body. Many people also make use of the inversion table as a helpful therapy device at home.

What Makes the Inversion Table Work?

Allowing your body to be in an inverted angle where your feet and ankles have to be anchored into a locking mechanism, which allows the body to be fully relaxed while in an upside-down position. One can hold the inverted position by moving the arms to provide momentum and leverage to the inverted position.

These tables are very effective and also affordable, which makes it more accessible and common for use in many homes and clinics all around the world. Although it might be a simple method, it still gets the job done by stretching out your body in a proper position, strengthens your back and helps prevent future back pain if implemented on a regular basis.

The inversion table is also an incredible add-on to your fitness regime and can treat various aches and pains that are related to muscle stiffness and a build-up of lactic acid in the body after a workout.