Will You Maintain A Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet?

Every item has its own soul. Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet are the same. It is an indispensable partner in our lives and one of our family members. For the maintenance of the bathroom cabinet, please be careful to share with you.

The composition of the bathroom cabinet basically has these categories: solid wood, ceramic stone, stainless steel and other metals, glass. What are the same points of attention?

First: bathroom cabinets basically have a waterproof layer. But even so, we still need to do waterproof work. Try not to let the water stay on the bathroom cabinet for a long time. Avoid over the years, the material absorbs moisture and mildew, or produces floating rust and so on.

Second: avoid the power supply and heat source close to the bathroom cabinet. The bathroom is relatively humid, should avoid electric shock, easy to leak electricity, and high temperature is easy to damage the bathroom cabinet material.

Third: When scrubbing, use a cotton cloth to lightly rub the best, the middle gap, you can use a brush.

Fourth: Cleaning is best done with a specially configured cleaning agent or furniture water wax.

Fifth: When using, for example, opening and closing should be done with appropriate force.

Sixth: For the maintenance of the bathroom cabinet, it is recommended to maintain it for about 20 days to ensure that the color of the cabinet is fresh and beautiful.

The mirror of the bathroom cabinet is arguably the most eye-catching place. The mirror of the bathroom cabinet is like the eyes of the human being, the soul. Once the bathroom mirror is installed, do not disassemble and move it at will. The quality of the mirror itself is large. If it is broken, the risk factor will increase sharply. Be careful.

First: Do not hit the mirror with a hard object to avoid the mirror being broken and the mirror surface scratched.
Second: Do not touch corrosive substances such as oil and acid.
Third: If it is a general mirror, use alcohol or water to clean it directly, and then dry it with a soft tissue or cotton cloth.
Fourth: If it is an anti-fog mirror, it should not be washed. When scrubbing, it should be gentle, avoid damage to the anti-fog layer, other special mirrors, and see the instructions for use!

The countertops of the bathroom cabinets are the places where we put daily items. The common materials are ceramics, jade, marble and other natural stone. When cleaning and maintaining, do not use too sharp items to avoid scratches. In order to extend the service life, do not place high temperature items directly on the table. Heavy objects are not recommended to be placed on the countertop.

The hardware accessories of the bathroom cabinet, such as: metal chain, hinge, faucet, etc., are basically made of stainless steel, and the surface will be coated with a waterproof layer. At the time of maintenance, you should pay attention to:
First: Avoid strong acid and alkali spills. If you are not careful, immediately wipe it off.
Second: the slides of the drawers, etc., should be cleaned and kept clean.

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